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Snap Out of It: Katie Walsh~~ Dating Is Not For The Light Of Heart


Dating Sucks:

I was under the assumption that when I hit high school I would be entering a teenage playground of boyfriends and unicorns; boy, was I wrong.

Dating, like Mr. Blount’s hair, is an ever-changing entity, but today it seems like a jumbled mess of online catfish, relationships statuses, and the nebulous realm known as the friend zone.

It can be very hard, especially for teenagers, to put themselves out in the dating world, because, let’s be honest, it often ends badly and quickly. It ends especially badly, and publicly, when you have a school with only 450 students and word spreads like a California wildfire.

If you are one of the lucky ones that actually manages to secure a date at this school, which is practically impossible, considering half the people here feel like family members and the other half actually are family members (this isn’t Oedipus Rex, people), the probability that it will last longer than 2 weeks is very, very, very low. (For those few and far betweeners who actually can maintain a meaningful relationship in high school, I hate you.)

Add in the fact that Mommy and Daddy still chaperone most of us. Just try and make a move on your date when his/her mom or dad (aka the best mood killers known to man) is sitting behind you in the movie theater just waiting for you to do something PG-13 so they can pull out your naked baby pictures to ensure that you will spend the rest of your life alone with your cats.

Honestly, it’s so frustrating that most of us just want to start dating our pillows. In fact, some of us DO end up dating our pillows, as evidenced by the increasingly popular full-length Japanese pillow girlfriends/boyfriends (that both confuse and terrify me). Although, one could call my relationship with my bed a love affair: I think it is getting serious.

Not to mention the fact that we’re all in a rush to grow up. A multitude of us, at least in my experience, regret what we do and whom we do it with. Call it buyer’s remorse, but as a demographic we do not always make the best decisions when it comes to relationships.

Take for example; a girl and a boy are on a date, and everything is going great. But then, maybe in a hormone induced episode, the boy decides to kiss the girl, because why not? Well, to put it politely, let’s say this boy goes tongue first like some horrible version of the Princess and the Frog. Date over. Relationship over. Girl scarred for life. Another one bites the dust (or in this case the tongue.)

However, many of us don’t even go on dates anymore. In my experience, most people keep their relationships to the “hooking up” stage or to the “intensely one-sided crush” stage. Both stages are incredibly unfulfilling, one ending with an STI and the other ending with a 500 foot restraining order.

Most people are under the assumption that if he/she text someone and as to be his or her “girlfriend/boyfriend” that it qualifies as being in a relationship. News flash people, just because you text him/her with emoticons, but can’t seem to actually talk at school, does not mean you are in a relationship.

Its almost as if people are embarrassed to tell others they are dating. People want to seem cool and nonchalant about their feelings, and usually, because they’re so wrapped up in protecting their own image, they end up hurting the other party.

As the story goes, most people, for some reason I cannot fathom, go for tools, and they usually end up ignoring the attentions of nice people. As cliché as it sounds, most of the “nice” guys/girls end up in the friend zone.

Why can’t everyone be a nice girl/guy? Oh I remember, people are under the assumption that being an *enter word that means donkey* equates to being liked.

We end up trying to act like something we’re not. We lie about how many people we’ve dated, kissed, and slept with. We want to seem mature, cool, and hot all at the same time. If kindergarten taught me anything, it was that honesty is the best policy.

So we wait, lying to ourselves and to each other. But the truth is that you have to get out there. To find love you need to actually talk to people, to make connections in person. Above all else, and as in all facets in life, you have to be yourself. In my opinion, that’s the right way to date.

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Snap Out of It: Katie Walsh~~ Dating Is Not For The Light Of Heart