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PSP NFL: Week 12, 2016

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This week, four members of The Pharcyde decided to put their football skills to the test and predict the outcome of this week’s games. These members include Co-Editor-in-Chief Jake Kleinfeld (JK), Online Editor Zachary Cotronakis (ZC), and Staff Writers Matthew Kaneb (MK) and Robert Rubin (RR). The predictions for each game are below.

Minnesota Vikings (6-4) @ Detroit Lions (6-4)

Spread: DET -2.5

JK: Minnesota.

RR: Minnesota

The Vikings will win their second straight game after their four-game losing streak. Expect their defense to keep the Lions off the scoreboard for most of the game.

MK: Minnesota.

The Vikings are not quite back to what they were earlier this season but I think they will use the momentum of the win against Arizona and continue win games.

ZC: Minnesota.

The Lions will make it close, but not close enough.


Washington Redskins (6-3-1) @ Dallas Cowboys (9-1)

Spread: DAL -7.5

JK: Washington.

Dallas will win, but won’t cover the spread.

RR: Washington

Dallas will have to fall eventually. Though Dak Prescott has played a great season so far, his lack of experience will likely result in a crucial mistake.

MK: Dallas.

Cowboys will continue their hot streak and roll over the Redskins at home.

ZC: Washington.

Dallas will win, but Josh Norman and the Skins’ defense will keep it within seven.


Pittsburgh Steelers (5-5) @ Indianapolis Colts (5-5)

Spread: PIT -7.0

JK: Indianapolis.

MK: Pittsburgh.

The both teams have struggled this season but the Steelers have shown glimpses of being a top team and I think they will prevail over the Colts.

RR: Pittsburgh.

Without Andrew Luck, the Colts will struggle offensively and will be outplayed by the Steelers.

ZC: Pittsburgh.

The Steelers take Lucas Oil Stadium from the struggling Colts.


Arizona Cardinals (4-5-1) @ Atlanta Falcons (6-4)

Spread: ATL -4.0

JK: Atlanta.

RR: Arizona.

The Cardinals’ secondary will limit Julio Jones and limit the Falcons’ passing game in this battle of the birds.

MK: Atlanta.

After a week off, the Falcons will beat the Cardinals at home.

ZC: Atlanta.

I like watching Julio Jones play. I’m sure Patrick Peterson won’t.


Cincinnati Bengals (3-6-1) @ Baltimore Ravens (5-5)

Spread: BAL -4.5

JK: Cincinnati.

RR: Baltimore

Baltimore will rebound from their loss against Dallas with a blowout win against the Bengals.

MK: Baltimore

The Ravens stout defense will beat out the struggling Bengals at home.

ZC: Baltimore.

The Ravens will retain lead of the AFC North after this week with a convincing win at home against the Bengals.


Jacksonville Jaguars (2-8) @ Buffalo Bills (5-5)

Spread: BUF -7.0

JK: Buffalo.

MK: Buffalo.

The Bills at home will beat the mediocre at best Jacksonville Jaguars.

RR: Jacksonville

This game will likely be a close one, so the Jaguars will most likely beat the spread. The Jaguars have been struggling this season, but they are due for a strong performance.

ZC: Jacksonville.

The Bills will win, but not by THAT much.


Tennessee Titans (5-6) @ Chicago Bears (2-8)

Spread: TEN -3.5

JK: Tennessee.

MK: Tennessee.

The Titans will run all over the terrible bears defense and beat them in Chicago.

RR: Tennessee.

I think that DeMarco Murray will have a monster game against the weak Bears defense, and I hope he does because I have him starting on my fantasy team.

ZC: Tennessee.

This is the second straight Week where The Pharcyde has unanimously picked the Titans.


New York Giants (7-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-11)

Spread: NYG -7.0

JK: New York.

MK: New York.

The Giants will beat the terrible Cleveland Browns

RR: Cleveland.

Alex Goetschius bet his life savings on the Giants. I will gladly take Alex Goetschius’s life savings on Monday.

ZC: Cleveland.

“Why did LeBron steal all of our wins?” -Hue Jackson.


San Diego Chargers (4-6) @ Houston Texans (6-4)

Spread: HOU -1.0

JK: Houston.

MK: Houston.

The San Diego Chargers cannot finish games and they will lose this one too.

RR: Houston.

Like Matt said, expect another fourth quarter choke from the Chargers. The Texans will win coming off a short week.

ZC: San Diego.

I’m excited about what Joey Bosa and Chargers are capable of. They’re just getting going.


San Francisco 49ers (1-9) @ Miami Dolphins (6-4)

Spread: MIA -7.5

JK: Miami.

RR: San Francisco.

The 49ers will finally snap their nine game losing streak with a win in Miami.

MK: San Francisco.

The 49ers looked good last weekend in the game against the Patriots and I think they will roll over the Dolphins despite being on the road.

ZC: Miami.

The Dolphins will continue the 49ers’ disappointing season.


Los Angeles Rams (4-6) @ New Orleans Saints (4-6)

Spread: NO -7.0

JK: Los Angeles.

MK: Los Angeles.

The Rams will lose this game but not by more than 7.

RR: New Orleans.

Expect Drew Brees to continue his great season with another strong performance in a high scoring game.

ZC: New Orleans.

The Saints will come back from an offensive downturn last week with guns blazing at home.


Seattle Seahawks (7-2-1) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-5)

Spread: SEA -5.5

JK: Seattle.

MK: Seattle.

The Seahawks are a very good team and their defense will shut out the Buccaneers.

RR: Seattle

The Legion of Boom will keep Jameis Winston under 200 yards and the Buccaneers out of the endzone for most of the game.

ZC: Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay is the second-best team named Buccaneers in Florida. #BucPride


Carolina Panthers (4-6) @ Oakland Raiders (8-2)

Spread: OAK -3.5

JK: Oakland.

MK: Oakland.

The Oakland Raiders are a really good team and will beat the struggling Panthers team at home.

RR: Carolina.

Cam Newton and the Panthers will able to match the Raiders’ talent on both sides of the ball and will keep the game to within three points.

ZC: Carolina.

Oakland is going to win, but not with the spread.


New England Patriots (8-2) @ New York Jets (3-7)

Spread: NE -9.0

JK: New York.

The Patriots will win the game, but won’t cover the nine point spread.

MK: New York.

The Patriots will win but because they are not healthy, they won’t win by more than 9.

RR: New England.

Remember the last time the Patriots played the Jets the week of Thanksgiving? No one can forget the butt fumble.

ZC: New England.

The Patriots will steamroll the Jets.


Kansas City Chiefs (7-3) @ Denver Broncos (7-3)

Spread: DEN -3.0

JK: Denver.

MK: Denver.

This game is pretty much a toss up and think the Broncos will pull away with the win because they’re at home.

RR: Denver

In a defensive showdown, the Broncos will closely defeat the Chiefs in a low scoring game.

ZC: Kansas City.

Kansas City will win this one and seize control of the division.


Packers (4-6) @ Eagles (5-5)

Spread: PHI -3.5

JK: Green Bay.

MK: Philadelphia.

The Eagles will win against the struggling Packers at home.

RR: Philadelphia.

After giving up 42 points to the Redskins, the Packers defense does not look very strong and will struggle against the Eagles.

ZC: Green Bay.

The Packers wake from their slump to beat the Eagles in the City of Brotherly Love.

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PSP NFL: Week 12, 2016