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PSP NFL: Week 11, 2016

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This week, four members of The Pharcyde decided to put their football skills to the test and predict the outcome of this week’s games. These members include Executive Editor Robert Charles (RC), Sports Editor Will Ziff (WZ), Online Editor Zachary Cotronakis (ZC), and Staff Writer Matthew Kaneb (MK). The predictions for each game are below.

Saints (4-5) at Panthers (3-6)

WZ: Saints 20, Panthers 28

The Panthers will have a wake up call, and they realize that this is their most important game this year so far. This is a must win for them, and they will shut down the Saints high-powered offense.

ZC: Saints 38, Panthers 24

Not only will they look good this week, but they’ll play good too. The Saints will continue their offensive prowess over the struggling Panthers in their white-out Color Rush uniforms Thursday night. A win for the saints can help their playoff push and continue their climb up the division rankings.

MK: Saints 28, Panthers 20

The Panthers as a whole have been underachieving all season and the Saints, who beat them earlier this season, are coming off of a close loss to Denver. While the Falcons are a favorite in the NFC South, a win for the Saints would put them in position to potentially overtake them.

RC: Saints 30, Panthers 27

The Panthers have finally begun to show some life after starting the season 1-5. However, the Saints have finally begun to exhibit something Saints fans haven’t seen in years, defense, pair that with a high scoring offense led by Drew Brees and the Saints will be tough to beat.

Bears (2-7) at Giants (6-3)

WZ: Giants 24, Bears 10

The Giants’ mediocre offense will score enough points to make this an easy win, as their defense will continue to be dominant, especially against the struggling Bears offense. Jordan Howard is in for a long night.

ZC: Giants 17, Bears, 13

New York’s poor running game will result in the close game between the two, but their high-powered passing game will bail them out for the seventh time this year.

MK: Giants 21, Bears 17

The Bears have shown glimpses of talent with wins over the Vikings and the Lions but I believe those were anomalies and the Giants will prevail at home.

RC: Giants: 38, Bears 10

The Bears have next to no secondary. Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard are going to have a day on Sunday. Mix that with Jay Cutler’s inability to throw a football and this game could get ugly.

Steelers (4-5) at Browns (0-10)

WZ: Steelers 45, Browns 10

The Browns have been historically bad, and when the Steelers offense is healthy, they have been very efficient. This smells like a blowout.

ZC: Steelers 21, Browns 23

Cleveland will win one eventually. Why not this week? On any given Sunday…

MK: Steelers 35, Browns 13

The Steelers are an extremely talented team on both sides of the ball and will win handily this weekend in Cleveland.

RC: Steelers 23, Browns 9

The Steelers showed a lot of fight against the Dallas Cowboys last sunday. It was a hard fought game, that without Ezekiel Elliott, may have swung in a different direction. Also the Browns will not win a game in 2016.

Ravens (5-4) at Cowboys (8-1)

WZ: Cowboys 35, Ravens 20

The Cowboys have an unstoppable offense led by their two star rookies, and it will be too much even for the Ravens’ defense to overcome.

ZC: Cowboys 20, Ravens 17

Cowboys continue their dominance on the back of the future Rookie of the Year, Ezekiel Elliott. Cowboys win this one in the trenches against the top-ranked Baltimore defense.

MK: Cowboys 31, Ravens 17

Despite the Ravens notoriously strong defense, the Cowboys will continue to steamroll their opponents with the rookie duo of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

RC: Cowboys 34, Ravens 20

While the Ravens have a very strong defense, the Cowboys are the team to beat in the NFL right now. Everything out their offense is strong. They have the best line in football and rookie Ezekiel Elliott is decimating defenses. This Cowboys team is looking like a top Super Bowl contender.

Jaguars (2-7) at Lions (5-4)

WZ: Lions 34, Jaguars 24

Matt Stafford is a given to put up big numbers, and Riddick will finally break out with a good game against the suspect Jaguars run defense. Also, the Jaguars offense doesn’t have enough firepower to truly compete.

ZC: Jaguars 23, Lions 10

The Jaguars will ride their eighth-ranked defense to a win against the wildly inconsistent Lions offense. There will be a lot of turnovers in this one.

MK: Jaguars 10, Lions 21

Both teams are having mediocre seasons and neither offense is extremely effective and I think the Lions will pull out a win at home.

RC: Jaguars 17, Lions 27

The Jaguars would be winning a lot of games, if only the fourth quarter counted. The Lions are sitting at the top of the NFC North and Matt Stafford has really put the team on his back as of late, making his case for league MVP.

Titans (5-5) at Colts (4-5)

WZ: Titans 31, Colts 27

DeMarco Murray will keep dominating opponent defenses, and Andrew Luck does not have enough support to give his teams a chance of winning these types of games.

ZC: Titans 27, Colts 13

Demarco Murray will continue finding ways to get into the endzone until someone decides to stop him. Indianapolis’ 30th ranked defense is not that someone. Luck and his neckbeard can only do so much with a poor rushing attack.

MK: Titans 28, Colts 17

The Colts have been struggling this year and have nobody to protect Andrew Luck long enough for him to thrive. Demarco Murray will run all over the Colts this weekend for a win in Indianapolis.

RC: Titans 35, Colts 14

This time last year, if someone had told me the Titans would beat the Packers, I would have laughed at them. The Titans are making a push to be the best team in the AFC south. The duo of Demarco Murray and Marcus Mariota are starting to look like a power duo.

Bills (4-5) at Bengals (3-5-1)

WZ: Bills 31, Bengals 27

LeSean McCoy will continue to dominate the running game and will really make it easier for Tyrod Taylor to have an efficient game. The Bengals will be able to put up a lot of points, but it won’t be enough.

ZC: Bills 23, Bengals 24

AJ Green is not superhuman, but his performance makes it look like he is. Cincinnati’s passing offense will prevail over Buffalo’s ground game. The Bills haven’t beat the Bengals since 2010, and that streak will continue.

MK: Bills 28, Bengals 21

The Bills have shown that they can be a very good team. If their strong running game continues to be strong and if Tyrod Taylor shows up and plays well, the Bills defense will take care of business and prevail in Cincinnati.

RC: Bills 24, Bengals 30

The Bills are good when healthy. LeSean McCoy has always been a superstar in the league. But the Bengals air attack may be too devastating to the Bills secondary which may be tough to come back from.

Buccaneers (4-5) at Chiefs (7-2)

WZ: Chiefs 20, Buccaneers 16

The Buccaneers have been playing well lately, but their winning ways will come to an end this week when they travel to Kansas City to face the 7-2 Chiefs. The Chiefs have not been incredible in any way, but they put up enough points to win games, and that will be the case again this week.

ZC: Buccaneers 13, Chiefs, 6

Tampa Bay’s good balance of passing and rushing will be enough to squeak by the Chiefs, led by young cornerback Marcus Peters. Despite Kansas City’s 7-2 record, their defense ranks in the bottom 20, as does their passing and rushing offense. This will catch up to them this week.

MK: Buccaneers 14, Chiefs 17

Both teams are nothing special on offense or defense and I believe the Chiefs will prevail at home by a small margin.

RC: Buccaneers 10, Chiefs 17

AFC West is boasting three playoff caliber teams right now, and Kansas City is one of them. Also, the Buccaneers have been playing some good football lately. This is the type of game that will decide whether or not one of these teams will be alive in January.

Cardinals (4-4-1) at Vikings (5-4)

WZ: Cardinals 27, Vikings 13

The Vikings offense, after a pretty solid start to the season, has fallen off a cliff in efficiency, and a lot of that is due to injuries. The Vikings seemed destined to lose their 5th straight against a dangerous Cardinals team.

ZC: Cardinals 24, Vikings 3

After starting 5-0, the Vikings have slipped and dropped four straight. This slide will continue, as the 2nd ranked Arizona defense is destined to tear apart the last-ranked Minnesota Offense. LSU products Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu will have a field day in the Cardinals’ secondary.

MK: Cardinals 31, Vikings 10

I believe the Vikings hot streak is over and the offense and the defense is not playing as well as it was. The Cardinals defense will be extremely effective against a pass-heavy Minnesota and will beat the Vikings handily.

RC: Cardinals 22, Vikings 20

What happened to the Vikings? At the beginning of the season they looked unbeatable and now they have lost four straight. The Cardinals have not been performing well this season either. After only edging out the 49ers by a field goal, the Cardinals don’t look as good as they were made out to be at the beginning of the season. However, their secondary may be too much for Sam Bradford to handle.

Dolphins (5-4) at Rams (4-5)

WZ: Dolphins 24, Rams 3

Jared Goff will be under immense pressure this game to show LA fans what he has to offer, and it will show in his preformance. Todd Gurley will only take their offense so far.

ZC: Dolphins 13, Rams, 10

Jared Goff’s debut will continue LA’s ranking as the second-worst offense. Todd Gurley will probably get into the endzone, but one won’t be enough to take down the 5-4 Dolphins.

MK: Dolphins 17, Rams 6

I think Jared Goff will be a flop and the Miami defense will expose him and and they will put up some defensive points like a pick 6.

RC: Dolphins 31, Rams 12

Why fly home when you can stay in California for the week? Miami will play their second straight game on the west coast and look to keep their win streak alive. Adam Gase has done well giving Miami and identity on offense with their run heavy style and a passing game that compliments it nicely. The defense has also found their footing and have been dominating teams in both running and passing game.

Patriots (7-2) at 49ers (1-8)

WZ: Patriots 41, 49ers 6

The 49ers are in a rebuilding stage, and do not figure to put up any kind of fight against arguably the best team in the NFL.

ZC: Patriots 38, 49ers 3

San Francisco has the worst-ranked defense and the 29th ranked offense in the league. With Carlos Hyde, one of the lone bright spots on the roster, battling a shoulder injury, the 49ers offense is bound to struggle against the now Jamie Collins-less Pats.

MK: Patriots 45, 49ers 14

The Patriots will steamroll the 49ers despite lacking Gronkowski.

RC: Patriots 48, 49ers 17

After a surprise loss last week, the Patriots will be out looking for revenge and who better to take it out on than one of the worst teams in the NFL. In the year of powerful running backs LeGarrette Blount is going to have a great game.

Eagles (5-4) at Seahawks (6-2-1)

WZ: Seahawks 24, Eagles 6

The 12th man in Seattle will be too much for rookie Carson Wentz to handle, and the Eagles offense will disintegrate. Seattle will cruise to their 7th victory on the year.

ZC: Seahawks 20, Eagles 6

Seattle’s Legion of Boom makes their long-awaited comeback this week, as they match up against rookie QB standout Carson Wentz and Company. Turnover margins will win the game for the Seahawks.

MK: Seahawks 24, Eagles 10

The Seahawks, fresh off of their win against New England, will beat the Eagles at home.

RC: Seahawks 28, Eagles 17

The Seahawks may have had a slow start to their season but they have been going strong since. Their defense is unmatched and the Legion of Boom will look to pick apart rookie Carson Wentz this Sunday.

Packers (4-5) at Redskins (5-3-1)

WZ: Packers 27, Redskins 21

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense know that they must step up at some point. Why not now?

ZC: Packers 23, Redskins 17

The cheeseheads get their season back on track with a much-needed win in Washington. Aaron Rodgers is going to wake up this week.

MK:  Packers 17, Redskins 21

The Redskins will prevail over the struggling Packers at home.

RC: Packers 14, Redskins 24

Where have the Packers been this season? What was once a prominent force in the NFL is now struggling to keep their season alive. While Aaron Rodgers is aging, Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has been living up to the contract extension he was given at the end of last season.

Texans (6-3) at Raiders (7-2)

WZ: Raiders 37, Texans 24

Derek Carr will have a monster performance against the struggling Texans secondary, and the Raiders home-court advantage might the best in the league.

ZC: Texans 9, Raiders 31

The Oakland Raiders were my preseason pick to win Super Bowl LI. They continue to make a push for the biggest stage in sports this week, as Khalil Mack exploits the weak Houston offensive line while Derek Carr and Amari Cooper light up the scoreboard against the poor Houston secondary.

MK: Texans 14, Raiders 24

The Raiders will beat the Texans easily at home with a struggling Texans defense against the high powered Raiders offense.

RC: Texans 10, Raiders 35

The Texans put a lot of faith in the man who played three games last year. They signed Brock Osweiler to a huge contract that has yet to pay off in the long run. Throwing for only 99 yards last week, Brock will struggle against a team displaying an actual defense. Derek Carr is also one of the best quarterbacks in the league right now and has lead his team to the top of the AFC West, the best division in football.


Here is the prediction chart for Week 11 of the 2016 NFL Season:


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